Ah a new shrimp recipe! Cabbage and green bean stir fry with garlic shrimps and Sambal Olek

Spring cleaning and re-organizing is underway so not a lot of time for shopping and cooking. Never mind the kitchen is overwhelmed with neglected dishes. So I took what I could find and just threw it together.

I am not even remotely decent with stir fries. I usually over cook the vegetables. But, this time in my rush I seemed to make it work.

Cabbage and green bean stir fry with garlic shrimps and Sambal Olek-serves 1 SERVES ME!

This has a mild tangy flavor with a hint of spice.


6 Tiger Shrimps

2 Slices of Pointed Cabbage 1 cm thick and halved

1 Celery Stalk sliced thin

10 Fresh Green Beans chopped in two

1 lrg. Garlic chopped

Lemon Juice small squeeze

Splash of Fish Sauce

Smidge of Sambal Olek

Pinch Garlic salt and sugar

Butter and oil


In a cast iron pan melt a bit of butter with a dash of oil to keep the butter from burning. When the pan gets hot add the cabbage, green beans and celery and saute max 2 mins. The cabbage and beans should be wilted, but firm. Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice over the vegetables then add a splash of fish sauce and a very small pinch of sugar. The sugar is needed to soften the tang of the lemon and fish sauce. Let cook tops an additional minute. Then put to the side. In the same pan add your tiger shrimps and let saute until pink on both sides. Squeeze over a bit more lemon, add the chopped garlic, garlic salt and a smidge of Sambal Olek. You want the shrimp to slightly blacken so you need a high heat. Be careful not to burn the garlic. Then add stir fry back to the pan and toss with the shrimps so that it picks up the garlic and Sambal Olek flavors.

Transfer to a plate. Serve as is or with rice. Takes 10 mins.