Hungry for some Oscar Mayer Bologna? For the Expat.

Bologna sandwiches, while not entirely the most nutritional thing on the plant, are worthy of a food craving now and again. Or maybe it’s just childhood memory that keeps it coming. Mork and Mindy lunch pale containing a bologna sandwich cut into triangles, 1 small bag of chips, apple and a couple of double chocolate cookies for dipping in milk. That is what I remember, that and being told we had to sit boy, girl to keep the noise down in the school cafeteria.

Oscar Mayer is probably the most well known producer of wieners and bologna in America. There is a commercial jingle all of us 70’s kids can sing on command. Usually after a few cold ones. So, sometimes I get to hankering for a bologna sandwich. Only problem is I live in Sweden and Oscar Mayer is a nobody here. You do have Mortadella, but it just doesn’t have the same flavor, too fro fro. So, what to do? Well, last night, 16 years after moving to Sweden, I suddenly discovered that Falukorv is in fact bologna or it sure tastes like it.


Falukorv is a Swedish bologna like wiener indigenous to Falun, a city smack in the middle of Sweden. It also boasts it’s own song Bloomig Falukorv-flowery falu weiner?  In any case it is a popular meal for kids and the lonely bachelor. It is served in a number of variations for ex.

  • falukorv and quick macaroni with ketchup-not good for you
  • falukorv and rice-better for you
  • falukorv with apples inserted-fancy
  • korvstroganoff-advanced.

Korvstroganoff was a surprise experience! A friend invited me over for dinner, adding I am going to make stroganoff. This for me meant filet mignon, cream and mushrooms, man was I excited. The stroganoff they were referring to however had falukorv,  not filet mignon, cut into stripes simmered with cream, kethchup and onions. I liked it in a SPAM sort of way. It’s one of those things that you should hate, but you can’t stop nibbling on.

Okay get to the point, says The Man. If you are dying for a bologna sandwich all you need is falukorv. Slice it thinly and put it between two slices of bread with your favorite condiment. Mine happens to be mayo. My dad’s is mayo, mustard, slice of American cheese and lettuce. My mom’s is fried bologna with mayo. So how’s that?!



Falukorv/unsliced bologna

1 CUP/2,4 dl Cooking cream

1 Onion halved and sliced

2 TBS/2 MSK Ketchup

Salt to taste



For the Swedes this is no mystery, but if you feel like slumming in Swedish then find yourself a loaf/wiener of unsliced bologna. Slice it into strips about 1/2 inch wide. Saute the strips of bologna and onion  in a bit of butter, then pour the cooking cream, over the top, add ketchup and salt to taste. Let simmer for 20 mins or so on low heat.

Serve on plain rice.

How much bologna depends on how many are eating. If you look at the picture of falukorv one of those will serve approx. 4 people. Being that bologna is about 50% thicker in diameter you need to compensate accordingly.

Good luck!