How to get your man/lady to make you breakfast in bed.

Sprain your ankle by biking into the curb in a slow motion crash.

And yes I cried. Like a girl. Cause it hurt! Or hurted as my dear friend T Dog likes to say in a fit of poor grammar.

Nurnberger Sausage found at Lidl. High meat content. The closest thing you will find to an American sausage link. Yum, but expensive.

The Man is currently in the kitchen making me home-made hash browns that I am guessing will be accompanied by German breakfast sausages, bacon and eggs. So, I am going to pass the wait writing a short review about last nights dinner out at Epicuré.

Upon hearing the title, The Man got all indignant and said, But I always do weekend breakfast. So, yes sweety you do.

Epicuré Due på Västergatan

Bored with our usual restaurant choices The Man and I scratched our brains for something we hadn’t tried yet. We were heading to Miss Saigon when Epicuré came to mind. A friend of mine works there so we decided to change our destination. Now don’t worry I am not the dishonest back scratcher.

We both went for wild and crazy and ordered a couple of pasta dishes that we weren’t sure we would like. The Man ordered a sardine pasta and I ordered the Frutti di Mare pasta. I was very pleased with both dishes. The Man however didn’t like mine at all. It was too spicy for him.

Frutti di Mare

I was very pleased with my dish.  First off there was the tomato sauce. In my opinion a tomato sauce is either good or it’s bad, most often bad, because they just aren’t that simple to make! This one was very good, in fact I thought it was perfect with just the right amount of spice. I also liked that the Frutti di Mare did not include baby squid tentacles, the main reason I avoid this dish. It had king prawns, mussels and white clams that were all very tasty.





Spaghetti Acciughe

The Man’s Spaghetti Accuighe however was my favorite and I will most definitely be testing it out at home. I suppose you have to like sardines to appreciate this dish. I am not a particular sardines fan so I was very impressed. The basic premise of this dish is sardines canned in olive oil sauteed in more olive oil with garlic, chilies and parsley. Simple and delicious. The only thing I can say is that it was on the salty side so if I order it again I will ask for less sardines. But with a bit of extra olive oil drizzled over, it was all good. To top it all off the dish is very well priced at 88 sek/$12.

Overall 2 thumbs up for the food.



Bathroom/Toilet/WC review

Yes this is new, but important I think as it is the most ignored area in a restaurant in my opinion. For some reason European and a lot of US bathrooms are on the fail list. They just don’t seem to be considered important. Dirty, run down, out of paper… Here is the truth of it though. My friends and I, including the male ones, all notice the state of the bathrooms. We even have a rating system for them. Point being your toilet DOES matter. Ironically, the only place in the world that I have found that understands this concept is Seoul. They have sparkling clean bathrooms EVERYWHERE. I think it is quite likely the thing I like the most about Seoul. Ok no, but high on my list of really, really like.

So bathroom review for Epicuré Västergatan is… ♥

They have the disadvantage of sharing the bathroom with the Thai restaurant next door. While it was clean enough. It smelled to high heaven, because the floor drain was dried out. A bathroom should never ever smell!

FOOD ♥♥♥♥


ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥♥-it’s clean and fresh.


PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥ White wine is always a problem when eating out in Sweden. It really is misunderstood here. Especially the house wines. Doesn’t help I am a California girl where white wine prevails.

Västergatan 9, Malmö- Sweden
Tel: 040-97 11 04