Restaurant Review-Metro

Metro March 2010

Metro didn’t really hold the measure all the way through. The Man really liked his steak and potatoes while our friend and I were less impressed by our meals. I ordered a white fish with saffron mussels. Our friend ordered the vegetarian Wallenbergare.

The fish itself was nice. However the mussels and the so called saffron sauce were tasteless. Basically it was a shallow soup bowl with a layer of mussels in a watery saffron sauce that was utterly flavorless with two fish fillets balancing on top of the mussels shells. The presentation was very strange as well. The mussels were served as a soup, but the fish required a knife and fork making it rather difficult to eat. In the end I laid the fish on the slop of the bowl to cut with my knife and fork. My overall opinion is thumbs down. Terrible sauce and even worse presentation. They have since changed the fish dish I had to a tuna dish. However, I am not terribly interested in giving them a second chance.

The vegetarian dish was less than popular. Basically the Wallenbergare (vegetarian hamburger) as I understood was tasteless and the rice was dried out and crunchy along the edges. A few days later our friend said, You know I was thinking about the meal at Metro and the more I think about it the more I didn’t like it.

The Man’s steak was really tasty, although he did say he thought Fregatten does it better. I had a bite myself and must say it met my approval.

Overall I would say, if your not going there for the steak you should head somewhere else.





Ängelholmsgatan 14 – på Möllan, Malmö

Tel: 040 23 00 63