The Butter Tattoo

Photo Booth Antics ca. 1987 Me, Regina, Dennis, Bill-RIP, Jeff

Starwas and Regina ca. 1986

Starwas and Regina ca. 1986

Once upon a time in my eighteenth year my good friend Starwas talked me into getting a tattoo so she could get one. She was 17 and I was to be the adult decoy. She had it all figured out. She was going to get the Led Zepplin symbol tattoed onto her shoulder where it would be as discrete or noticeable as she wanted it to be. And was definitely going to chose a bare shoulder wedding dress. Some how in a fit of SOBER lunacy this made sense to me and down we went to the Highland Ave. tatt parlor. I originally wanted to use a fairy illustration my Uncle had drawn. Being it was going to take up half my leg I opted for the next best thing, a black widow.

I was a shy, punk rock chick with the customary jerky, thieving, skate punk ex-boyfriend. My idea was based on the idea that through symbolism I would be able to conjure the don’t mess with me boy attitude I lacked. What better symbolised that than the lady dressed in black, who consumes her mates when their purpose is served. Plus, I really do like spiders. Always enforcing the no kill policy in my home.

The day after regret cost me 10 bucks, a heck of a lot cheaper than what it would have cost me if I had waited the five years for tatt’s to become all the rage, raising the price of 2x2cm spider  to a mere $100. Now my spider has bled into an unidentifiable blob. Can’t say I am particularly partial to blobs, I just can’t see the point in touching up my weekly allowance original with a weeks pay retouch.

I am not a particular fan of tattoos to be honest.  We change so much over our life time. Permanently attaching who we were to our bodies just doesn’t make sense to me. I was skate punk, now I am not. I was once a Republican, now I am not. I am not a wannabe or I hope to god I am not. Just willing to change my view on life and where I want to be and where I want to go when what was, no longer works for me. Why limit the path of life.

AND then I saw this. THE BUTTER TATTOO


My arteries have been training for a heart attack  since I could reach the counter top and dig thin grooves out of the soft stick my mom kept on a dish. I love butter! I thought if I turned the butter around my mom wouldn’t notice the evidence of my thievery. I would be reprimanded, keeping me away for a week or so. Eventually love would prevail and I would be back at it fingering butter into my mouth with new concealment tactics. I have since stopped eating butter with my fingers, well almost. Now I just lather it on whatever I can.

Fat makes everything taste better. Unfortunately that is just the truth. Fat isn’t necessarilly the evil it has been made out to be. It’s more a matter of how much we eat, what kind we eat, when we eat it and with what. Also du du duh how much we sit around on our fat derrieres.


Margarine ended up not being the health food it was famed to be. For a margarine to be of any health benefit it needs to be lacking trans fat. Otherwise you can just as well use butter. One can even debate the benefits of the oils used to make margarine. Palm oil for instance ,while not containing trans fat, has a great deal of saturated fat.

The cooking qualities of margarine is also questionable. If you take 2 pieces of toast and spread one with real butter and the other with margarine the texture on the margarine toast will become soggy. Almost as if it has disintegrated the out layer of the bread. Same with popcorn. That kind of freaks me out.

Basically the deal is just don’t eat as much of either if you want to keep healthy and exercise more.

Butter Recipes

TIP: To prevent butter from burning in your pan add a tiny drop of oil.

Herb butter

Herb Butter is incredibly easy to make and you can keep it in your freezer. You just need a few herbs and garlic.


1/4 Real Butter

1 tsp Basil

1 tsp Thyme

1 tsp Parsely

1 tsp Tarragon if your using it on fish or chicken.

1 Garlic minced

Soften the butter and add the herbs above, either fresh or dried, garlic and a pinch of garlic salt (optional) and mix well. Then spoon it along the middle of a plastic wrap. Roll it up like a cigar evening out the shape as best as possible and put in your refrigerator or freezer.

You can then slice off little medallions as you need them to serve with steak, chicken or fish.

Browned Butter

Browned butter is simply butter carefully sautéed so that the salt crystals brown, giving the butter a nutty flavor.

In a thick bottomed sauce pan add your butter and saute on medium heat while you constantly stir, until the salt crystals slightly brown. Be careful the browning crystals burn easily.  Remove the pan from the heat. If you wait to long or stop stirring immediately after removing the pan from heat, the residual heat can continue to cook your butter burning it even after you have removed it from the burner.



  • You can add Tarragon to the butter and pour it over a white fish as a sauce. Or put your white fish in a baking form pour over the browned butter and tarragon then bake. Easy and delicious!
  • You can also use browned butter with freshly grated horse radish on for example cod.
  • Browned butter, small amount of pressed garlic and lemon juice for dipping your shelf fish.


  • Dip your boiled artichoke  leaves in melted butter or browned butter.
  • Saute your butter in a sauce pan with some nuts or seeds. Almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.  Spoon it over the top of your steamed asparagus, green beans, cauliflower…


  • Browned butter works great as a pasta sauce. Just mix a couple TBS over your already cooked pasta then top with parmesan, pecorino, throw on some shrimps or some sunflower seeds, bacon bits, vegetables etc.

More Butter


  • Garlic Butter. Just soften an appropriate amount of butter according to the size of your loaf. Add a small pressed garlic clove or two and a pinch of garlic salt. Slice your bread on  across the short side about 2inches wide. DO NOT cut through the loaf let the bottom hold the slice together, sort of like an accordion, then place a click of the garlic butter in between the slices and bake in the oven until melted.
  • Honey Butter. Honey butter is super easy you just need to add a couple drops or two of honey to the butter which will give a sweet salty flavor to your sweet breads, corn bread, muffins, scones etc.


  • Chicken Kiev-a recipe for another day.
  • I bake my whole chicken with nothing but a couple TBS of butter.  I baste every few minutes to get a nice crispy skin. Bake the chicken breast down for the first half of the baking time to let the juices pour into the breast. Then flip it and baste to several times to get the skin crunchy. Makes for a very simple, very tasty chicken. Most the butter runs off and if you want to be super healthy skip the skin. Either way you will get a soft juicy meat.