Tratten Update

Being a contemplater of energy/thought transference, naming my cat Tratten was probably not a winner idea. It seems to call danger and accidents to his otherwise rather pampered universe, requiring more cone hours than any cat should be forced to endure.

TRATTEN, soon to be known as Scratches, is as far as we know doing fine, though there have been complications.

But mom, I thought Fangs and Vampires were all the rage?

His poor little jaw just didn’t want to realign. His fangs were subsequently cemented together to stabilize his jaw while it heals. This in itself posses two main problems. He can’t eat or drink on his own. Technically, if he was a smarter feline specimen, he would be able to shove his tongue between his fangs and lick himself full of the stinkiest cat food I have ever smelled. But, he is not the smartest cat, thus he wandered back and forth to his bowl with stares of longing, followed by laying in the bath tub, hoping we assume, to suck that water up through osmosis. In between that he seemed pretty happy. Thus, The Man and I spent Easter weekend attached to our apt. waking our poor little man up every 30 minutes or so to shove a 1 ml syringe in his mouth repeatedly. The success rate was as one would suspect, zilch.

Whose idea is this human!

Tearfully back to the vet we went to have a feeding tube inserted into his poor throat so that we can feed him a reasonable meal without all the water-boarding tactics we were forced to employ. Despite having put many a cat to sleep in their best interest, my biggest worry has been that we are just putting him through this for our own good. The vet’s said that if that were the case they would have told me. I hope they are right. I am currently waiting for the call to bring our little man home.

Decker hiding from the fanged beast.

If your wondering why in spite of the dangers I allow my cats outdoors on their own recognizance. In my experience, and from what I have observed, the average cat is not adapted to a solitary indoor life. Very often showing unnatural behaviors similar to that seen in animals enclosed in tight quarters in wild animal parks. My policy has always been that I would rather my cats live a happy, full and stimulating life, though it may be short, rather than a long, overly protected life squelching their most basic instincts-hunting and freedom to roam.

I do this with responsibility and full awareness of the potential consequences. My cats are always neutered and I chose my home with special care making sure they have a safe, open spaced area at their disposal. In the 40 years I have had cats this has worked remarkably well. I guess my philosophy is based on how I approach my own life. Be responsible, but live your life to the fullest!