Orange Julius-only real ingredients need apply.

I am rather uninspired today so not much to tell. Seems The Man and I might be moving to Seoul in the nearish future thus I need to do my research and it’s boggling my brain.

Hang on no I have one. Orange season is almost over so be quick!

Why how things have changed. Christmas at my Gran’s was always a favorite. But, there was one thing that perplexed me. She always put an orange in my Christmas stockings. I didn’t find this odd because I was a spoiled brat, just thought it was a strange gift. We lived in California, back then orange groves were a part of the city landscape. Years later as an au pair I decided to pass on the tradition adding oranges to the stockings I gave away to family and friends. And yet, I had no more of an explanation for this “tradition” than I did when I was a kid. I just did it because my Gran is cool and I want to be cool too.

Low and behold my ex-mother in law told me a story about when she was a kid. Apparently the orange and banana boats came to Sweden only once a year. They would arrive just after harvest, in the midst of winter. It was a really big event. A giant contrast to today’s year around availability.

Ding, ding ding, I started to put it together. My Gran grew up during the depression in New Jersey near Echo Lake. Heavy with winter snow and far away from orange trees.  Back then you didn’t have year around access to fruits and vegetables. Plus they were really poor. After Granpap Ed hacked his foot in two with an axe and lost his mechanics job, my Great Grandmother Ruth supported the family by baking bread and selling it door to door. So, an orange, was a very big deal to my Gran and her siblings.

If your going to get a stocking from me there will be an orange at the bottom, sometimes a pomegranite. If for nothing else but to remind us of the simple joys in life.

Note: While one might assume that oranges are a summer fruit they are in actuality a winter fruit. They are usually ripe and ready to pick in December. If you haven’t had a fresh off the tree orange you should. Sneak out in the early in the morning to pick it from the tree while it is still cold from the night. Then squeeze it for a fresh glass of juice.


Orange Julius is the signature drink found at the Orange Julius fast food joint. I had a laugh reading a few blog posts with people requesting the recipe. Most of them gave the powdered version trying to pawn it off as the original. Well, WHEN I WAS A KID, an Orange Julius was made with real eggs and 100% fresh ingredients. I guess the American need to sue has forced old Julius to replace real eggs with powder etc. etc. etc.

Recipe serves 2


4 -5 oranges squeezed

1 egg seperated

1/4 cup sugar or less if the oranges are really sweet.

2 tsp vanilla extract I suppose vanilla powder could also work.

1/2 Cup milk


Separate the egg. Whip the egg white into a froth either by hand or with an electric whip. Then add the egg yolk and the sugar and whip some more. Next stir in the milk and vanilla. Finally mix the egg and milk mixture with the orange juice.

Serve on ice.