Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners-metabolic turfing


Diet drinks have always been a big question mark for me. I think they taste terrible and all those chemical sweeteners they just can’t be good for you.

They aren’t they do all manner of things to your endocrine system. Endocrine schmendocrine? Well, I just learned on Time Magazine that the artificial sugars make the body produce a hormone that increases appetite. So while you may not be ingesting calories through what you drink, you are fueling a metabolic process that will create a craving for ingesting those calories through other sources.

Simply you chose the alternative with artificial sweetener to cut calories. Body produces a hormone that increases your appetite. You now eat and drink more of everything than you need to.  Thus, those calories, quiet likely a whole lot more, made their way to your stomach anyway. Metabolic turfing. You just shoved the problem around.

Definition: Turf-get rid of patient by referring to another team.

Simply stay away from the artificial sweeteners. Sure have a soda, just not everyday and not by the liter/gallon. It should be a treat not a staple. Says the girl who once upon a time drank several liters a day.

The same applies to other diet food stuffs. They aren’t better for you. In fact they are comprised of all manner of flavor enhancers and artificial this’s and that’s. Your body needs real food. Just responsible portions of it and regular exercise.