Review: TGIF’s Malmö


Malmö’s Saluhallen was put to the grave and replaced with TGIF’s. Oh the lack of creative foresight and ingenuity this represents. Saluhallen was a great concept. The potential was infinite.  It is sad and disheartening that the new owners of the building didn’t have what it took to rebirth the concept.

Saluhallen housed a strange menagerie of restaurants. You had everything from kebab to one of Malmö’s best fish restaurants, Johan P. What Saluhallen really needed was a refurbishing, someone to recruit a group of restaurant owners with something unique to offer the public with more style and quality. NOT a TGIF’s.

TGIF’s is probably the most overpriced restaurant in Malmö with the most prefabricated menu in existence. How does the inventor of the Long Island Ice Tea decide to leave the original recipe behind for a powdered mix substitute? Why on earth would you shame your invention in this manner? WHY?! I ask you! It doesn’t just look fake it tastes fake and it costs the same as the real thing. Go figure.

In my opinion this alone should tell you everything you need to know about this place.

Note: Saluhallen is an indoor market that generally has a vareity of stalls selling fresh food, produce and the odd eatery. Similar to this, but not always as fashionable. Saluhallen Östermalm


Having said this they do have one dish I am willing to spend my money on, the Buffalo Wing’s. They are the closest thing to the real deal you can get here. But, rather than the traditional basket overflowing with more wings than you can eat, you get a tiny handful at a rate of approx. 10 sek a wing. But, they taste like they should.

To conclude, in this instance the service does not out way the poor food and drink quality. So my advice is stay away.


SERVICE ♥♥♥ they have the typical American cheer, but it isn’t enough to excuse the menu.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥-it’s clean and fresh if not a little noisy.

PRICE Food ♥ Drinks ♥