Vendels Organic Bakery

Mmmmm bread. Bread is my weakness. I love it! I love it toasted with lots and lots of butter on it! My personal favorite is sour dough. Not the really heavy, dark Scandinavian brick sour dough, it’s too healthy. I prefer the San Fransisco sour dough eaten by the gold miners during the California gold rush.

SF sour dough has a slightly tangy flavor with lots of nooks and crannies for the butter too pool then run down your chin as you bite into it. Mmmmm if you haven’t experienced this bread you must make it your pilgrimage.

That or pop by Vendel’s at Föreningsgatan 30, Malmö just across from Anytime. They have a lovely little bakery there filled with all manner of goodies. Skånsk Dinkel, Dansk Råg and my favorite Levain. The loaves are ginormous, measuring close to a meter. Rick Sanchez asks what does that mean in English. Well Rick, in the Empirical system it means close to a yard. You can also buy half a loaf, about the size of your forearm, if you so wish.

Hint#1: On my last visit I arrived just before closing and asked for half a loaf. No need to kill myself with bread. As I was the last customer and the left behind half would be thrown away anyway I got the whole loaf for the price of the half. CUSTOMER SERVICE PEEPS!

Hint #2: The baguette is for real as well. What I was unable to use I let dry out and then cracked into bite size bits and made really delish salad croutons. Actually you can do this with almost all breads. (recipe coming soon)


Approx. 50 sek for half a loaf.

The prices are more than reasonable considering the bread is made on the premises with organic ingredients and is given a proper yeasting time. Half a loaf or forearm of bread costs about 50 sek. Store bought bread, also half a forearm with less diameter costs around 29 sek.

Info: Mass produced store bought breads are rushed through the process and filled with all manner of flavor enhancers for the pure and simple reason that if they didn’t the bread would taste like paper.

So there! Vendel’s Organic Bakery for the win.


Vendel’s isn’t particularly conveniently located, but it is worth the hassle.

Vendel Organic Bakery

Föreningsgatan 30


040 97 72 20

Bakery and Cafe

Kåseberga Hamn

0411 52 72 20