Jamie Oliver’s iPhone App.

Jamie Oliver is probably my favorite cook. I like the fact that he is so excited and enthusiastic about cooking. I have never seen him in a restaurant kitchen nor have I met him, so he might very well be one of these crazies that yells and screams and humiliates their dishes all the way to the table. But, he certainly doesn’t give that impression.

Having seen a couple of  “five star” kitchens behind the scenes I have witnessed first hand the angry screaming you see on the likes of Hell’s Kitchen. I understand the pressure, but I got the impression it was often yelling for the sake of yelling.  As though if there wasn’t yelling then you weren’t serious about being serious. However,  I am of the mind a good leader doesn’t need to yell at their team.  More than anything else I can’t help but believe that all that anger gets cooked into the food. I don’t want to eat a meal made with 2 cups of anger. I want it to be made with love.

So, Jamie remains my favorite cook.  As far as I can tell, he loves what he does in the true sense of the word love. I also like that his recipes are simple and still delish.

Jamie Oliver’s iPhone App. 20 minute meals

Jamie has put out an iPhone application. Needless to say I was impressed. Not only are the graphics beautiful to look at, the interface is brilliantly thought through. The application is as easy to navigate as his recipes are to cook.

You get 50 recipes with easy to follow instructions and a shopping list. You also receive a number of videos with basic kitchen how-to’s like, getting the kitchen ready. There is a shopping list function and you can easily navigate to his web page for even more recipes-provided you have internet access. Everything you need to make an impressive and tasty meal is all here.

You all know your iPhone travels with you everywhere, EVERYWHERE.  So, the best part is you also have the app. with you everywhere as long as you haven’t forgotten to charge your precious. No need to print or jot down a shopping list on a stray piece of paper you will inevitably forget, rather just flick through your phone.

If your a beginner your going to learn a lot if you watch the videos and take his advice on cupboard staples and basic utensils.

If your an advanced cook your going to love the convenience of having his recipes and shopping lists at your finger tips, in a tidy little format. Especially when you are at the grocery store scratching your head for lack of ideas.

So in short I give it a raving review.


Price $7.99