Mattias Moleskin Recipe #2 Creamy Pasta Sauce with Broccoli and Lemon Zest

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard…

And like me she found her cupboard was bare.

The Man just looked over my shoulder and complained about my title, which I admit isn’t screaming with creativity. His not so humble suggestions is, pasta el perfecto. Truth be told when the pasta ran out he licked the frying pan clean.

At first I had planned to do, butter mizithra pasta. Then I saw we had some whipped cream in the fridge and a head of broccoli. I then started to debate the fat content of the two recipes.  My question was which recipe will provide the least amount of fat intake. Basically what will put more fat into my body 3 TBS of real butter with a 80% fat content or 1 cup of whipped cream at 37%. Does any of that make sense? Well I don’t know either. So I went for the one I was most in the mood for.

Creamy pasta with Broccoli and Lemon Zest


When I can’t think of anything else to do I will throw together a creamy pasta sauce with whatever I have laying about to top it off. It is quick and easy. I use this as my base for most of my creamy sauce recipes pasta and otherwise. When it comes to quickly throwing things together it helps to have a few basics at home at all times.  A few of my favorites are sunflower seeds, almonds, fresh lemons, flat blade parsley, celery, some form of cream or creme fraiché and bacon.

The Cutting Board


1 cup whipped cream You can also use cooking cream and/or creme fraiche-not sour cream it separates.

2 bacon slices Optional

1 small broccoli head You can exchange this with a number of other food items, asparagus for one.

1 inch of leek sliced and halved

2 small garlic cloves chopped

Lemon zest a couple of pinches

Sunflower seeds, small handful I use sunflower seeds in everything so I always have them at home.

Veggie Bouillon just a pinch or small corner

Garlic Salt and pepper

Peccorino cheese I prefer Peccorino to Parmesan, but both work.

Pasta of choice I used De Cecco spiral pasta this time around.


Start the pasta water. Rinse the broccoli then chop or separate into bite size pieces. When the pasta water starts to boil toss in the broccoli and cook for 3-4 minutes. Don’t over cook it so it gets mushy. In the mean time in a frying pan add a couple TBS of olive oil and saute the sunflower seeds. Careful they burn easily. Remove them from the pan and then fry up the bacon. Also remove. Use a kitchen towel to soak up the grease from the bacon and the sunflower seeds.

Don’t forget to remove your broccoli from the pasta water, use a pasta fork to scoop them out. Add the pasta to the water (Assuming it’s dry pasta, if it’s fresh pasta cook it last.) Don’t worry about the green color it won’t affect the pasta.

Now it’s time to saute the leek and garlic careful not to burn them. When they are done pour the whipped cream over the top and let it simmer on low heat while the pasta boils. Add a small corner of a veggi bouillon, a couple pinches of garlic salt and some fresh ground pepper. This is your basic sauce base. From here you can add all manner of things. Use your imagination. For this recipe I am keeping it simple. All I added was the lemon zest just before it was done.

If you cook the sauce too hard or too long the whipped cream will get too thick. If this happens just add a small amount of milk.

Drain your pasta then put the desired amount on each plate. With serving spoon drizzle the sauce over the pasta. Be generous! Then top it all off with the sunflower seeds, crumpled bacon and broccoli. Serve with a salad and have the  Peccorino at the table with a cheese grater to sprinkle over the pasta as desired.

Takes about 15 minutes to make.