Thoughts on cooking in today’s busy world.

“The reason we cook is to enjoy the company of other people. It’s not to eat; you can eat by yourself. You don’t need to cook for people to feed yourself. The reason we enjoy the entire ritual of cooking is to get to spend time laughing, smiling, having those great moments connecting. Too many people make the food more important than the actual connection.”-

-Rocco DiSpirito
Chef, Author

Today we think cooking takes time away from our family and other important things. My solution to that is do it together. Get your kids in the kitchen and make it fun. You can get your toddler in there helping out like a pro if you just break it down to their level and use some patience.   It also sets them up for better eating habits as they grow older and turn into adults. If you make it a chore, it’s a chore. Enjoy this time together. If you make it fun, it’s fun.

Get your significant other in there. It gives you time to talk and share your day. At the very least just keep each other company.