Hand over the Shrimp Chocolate HUMAN!

This is dinner at the Wiltshire, Öhman, Decker residence. Our very sociable cat Decker is either under the impression that he is a furry human or that we are naked cats. Either way he expects to be treated with the same courtesies as all the other entities in the house. This includes having his own chair at meal time.

If I happen to forget and inadvertently sit on his chair he will pace back and forth twittering away until I realize my error and give him back “his” seat. As it is imperative he is where the action happens the seat needs to be placed between me and The Man. Decker then proceeds to keep close watch on what is happening on the table from his chair, sniffing the air from an appropriate distance. Unless his favorite meal is on the menu-shrimp. Hand over the shrimp chocolate human!

This is where he will forget his manners and attempt to climb to the table for a closer inspection with his wide open mouth. Inevitably he is met by his peoples strong hands and replaced to his chair with a promise to allow him to lick our plates when done.

In the mean time our other cat does what normal cats usually do. Sleeps contentedly on the couch until someone disturbs him with a pet and a cuddle.

Note: shrimp are NOT good for cats. They have a very high level of magnesium which causes bladder infections in cats with almost immediate affect. Decker seems to have an immunity to this so he is allowed the odd shrimp. Tratten is not let anywhere near a shrimp. If your cat or dog does get a bladder infection Vitamin C is a very effective treatment. But, don’t let them suffer too long. It can be very dangerous and lead to painful death.



I learned this recipe from my friend Eskil. Thanks Eskil!

Spicy Shrimp


Freshly frozen uncooked tiger shrimp
thawed, with or without the shell.
1 garlic clove-chopped

2 TBS real butter

1-2 TBS Sambal Oelek

Pinch of garlic salt


Thaw the tiger shrimps. You can also use fresh shrimp if you can get your hands on them. Saute them in the butter until cooked through adding the first the garlic and then the Sambal Oelek just before they are done.

Serve as they are or with a creamy ranch style dip. if I am serving it as a main dish I add new potatoes, salad and garlic bread.



3-4 TBS Sour cream

1 TBS mayonnaise

Squeeze of lemon

Small garlic clove-pressed

Freshly ground pepper

Pinch of Garlic sauce

Pinch of Celery Salt

Splash of Tabasco/Hot Sauce

Small pinch of Cayenne pepper.


Basically mix it all together in a bowl. Taste your way to a flavor you like. You can always change it up with other herbs you like. I like to use Kimchi base in this recipe. Also makes a nice salad dressing.

NOTE: There is a spice here in Sweden called Roasted Garlic and Herbs. It is my favorite spice combination. It works on everything. I use this a lot in my sauces and dips. I will be back with a list of the herbs it includes.