Olympic Buns

Sweden has just won Olympic Gold and The Man is poking me in the side every time the Swedish commentators are on the screen and points. I look up wondering what I am meant to be looking at.

The Man: Look, look what is that?!

It slowly dawns on me he is talking about a basket of what appears to be buns.

Me: Buns????

A few minutes later.

Poke, poke.

The Man: Look what are those? I have to know!

Inner dialogue: I guess buns isn’t enough detail for his curiosity. What about that gold though isn’t that exciting?

Me: Ah some sort of wheat bun and a corn bun I think.

The Man: Look at them they are big like a head. They are either crazy big or there is some sort of distortion going on.

Inner dialogue: GO SWEDEN!

The Man: Are you blogging this? I don’t want people to know I am watching the Olympics.

Inner dialogue: YEaaah I don’t think that is your biggest problem.