Dinner and wine on the table?!

I got on my computer today, with what I thought was time to spare, to have a quick look at my lesson plan for a night course I teach. About 30 seconds later panic ensues. My newly installed computer is indeed lacking Office Packet and I can’t find the disc. Now it’s time to start duct taping this baby together. MUST HAVE WORKING COMPUTER! About an hour before I have to leave for class problem is temporarily solved. Digging through the laundry and making a Kim size mess of everything. I run out the door leaving the remnants of my dinner behind in a cereal bowl. And here I thought I would be able to squeeze in some household duties.

Four hours later and a long walk in the snow I unlock the door to find not only is there a set of plates and wine glasses on the table, but the mess is GONE. There stands The Man at the stove making us spaghetti carbonara. And not his usual recipe, but the one that he contrasted and compared with another recipe he found on the net.

So, now he sits next to his very satisfied and infinitely appreciative girlfriend. I see good things in his future.


It’s a very simple, down home recipe. If you have a problem with egg it is probably not going to work for you, but I liked it. Lot’s of parmesan!

Here is the link.



If you can get your hands on De Cecco pasta do it. It’s one of my favorite dried pastas ,completely worth the extra change.