Reviews, Restaurants and Bars

Here is where you will find my latest thoughts on restaurants I visit and/or that I think are worthy of mentioning whether it be for good or bad reasons. Basically my philosophy is this, good food is good food. I don’t care if your just a no frills establishment or a top class restaurant.

Rating scale: ♥♥♥♥♥ = best,  ♥=worst.

Until I can figure out a better way of structuring this BLOG I will do this by country, city then alphabetical order.



Chill Out-Sushi

This is by far one of my favorite sushi joints. They do a very tasty Japanese Hawaiian fusion sushi of a quality not fond anywhere else in Sweden or many other places for that matter. I suggest you call ahead to make sure Carsten is behind the knife. It just isn’t the same without him and his sense of  good service and seriousness about sushi. They don’t have a liquor license thanks to the obscure Swedish laws, but you can get a “lätt” beer.


SERVICE unless it’s Carsten then it’s a 5.




Tempo is one of the most long standing and trendiest bars and restaurants in Malmö, with a Swedish 50’s retro interior. It’s almost always packed out with Möllevången locals.


The food has always been spectacular, based on a hipper version of Swedish husmankost. The last meal my friends and I had there kept us talking for days. And for ONCE the service was really good. A subject I will go into with more detail later.

Reservations are needed if you want to eat.


The bar has a long list of foreign beers of varying price. Getting a cocktail at Tempo is not going to be your best bet. They won’t do anything off the menu and the prices don’t really match up to the quality one wants from a cocktail. Which leads me to my biggest issue with Tempo, service.


The service is generally crapspectacular. Normally I can deal with less than professional dining service, if the food is really, really good. But despite their prowess in the kitchen, I am reluctant to indulge the rock and roll snarls they try to throw my way. Despite what they might think they just aren’t that cool. There is an air of irritation behind the bar that goes, as far as, rudely and unnecessarily correcting their customers in the most noxious manner.

Specific example:

-I would like to have another of your mini bottles of champagne.

-We don’t have mini bottles of champagne.

-Didn’t we order 3 just awhile ago.


-Point to the fridge behind the bar. What is that then?

-That’s a sect not a champagne. Glare, Snarl

After having being met like this oh… every time I have been to Tempo I finally lost my American patience. So what happened next is all a blur of rage. I am guessing it can be summed up with me giving the woman a thorough telling off followed by a lecture on customer service and how trying to make an ass out of your customers over semantics does not a tip or a returning customer make. Thus, I only visit Tempo when friends drag me there snarling with complaint. I am far happier spending my beer money at the friendly competition, Creole, Tröls, Metro, Restaurang Möllen, Bella…

FOOD ♥♥♥♥

SERVICE ♥ despite the improvement on the last visit. They have some sucking up to do.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥-could use a better sound system for the DJing.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥♥


Södra skolgatan 30, Malmö
Telefon: 040-12 60 21


Ramen Ki Mamanoodle not sushi bar

I have only been here the one time and only had the one Ramen soup, but it was devine! The Wantanmen soup came in a bowl roughly the size of my boyfriends head. I greedily pushed it all down and waddled away with a nearly uncontrollable urge to run back and order yet another bowl.

It’s a no frills, as it should be, Ramen Noodle soup kitchen with several pages of choice.

I obviously recommend the Wantanmen noodle soup with shrimp and pork wantons, noodles, and a really tasty spice dip.I say tasty a lot don’t I?!

FOOD ♥♥♥-but I have only had the one soup.


ATMOSPHERE ♥-it’s a soup kitchen.





Rainbow- Gangnam, Seoul

This is a hookah bar in the center of Gangnam’s party, club and restaurant district. It is the quintessential Hookah bar with Oriental Rugs on the floor, low lighting, good music and water pipes. They also do a mean drink bucket for a very, very appealing price.

It’s a nice place to chill out and relax after the bustle of the city. Bands play on occasion and the atmosphere is very laid back. Well except on the Saturday we were there and the American youngsters from the military and the English language schools (my fellow countrymen) arrived and tried to turn it into a let me rub on your leg while I dance between the tables and look like I am having more fun than I am. Can you tell I didn’t approve? I have a reputation to uphold out here in ex-pat land damn it. Nah, but it is a cool place none the less.


Gangnam Station Exit 6. Go to the corner take a left at the Body Shop, go down 2 blocks and take a right.(If you get to Butter Finger’s you have gone to far.)  Along the right side of that road, across the street from my favorite BBQ place, is a door on the right that says Rainbow that looks shady. That’s the place. There is a neon sign there too somewhere. And no it’s not shady at all.


HOOKAH ♥ you even get your own mouth piece protector!

ATMOSPHERE ♥ it’s very cozy and chill.